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Joe Singer <> wrote:
I want to thank you for producing these marvelous books. I
have been studying Biblical Hebrew so I can understand the
Torah and the siddur and not just read the words and your
books defining each word in the prayers literally is extremely

Most translations are not literal or do not go word by word and
this way I can get a better appreciation of what the words
mean, think of my own translations, figure out what English
words might fit the Hebrew better, and learn to think in
Hebrew and get a better appreciation of the meaning of the

I'm very grateful for your efforts in producing these books.
Joe Singer
Good friend Ephraim
I am putting a check in the mail for another 20 of the Temple
Beth El Volume 4 Primers.

My adult Beginning Hebrew class just finished for the term.
We had eight students this class; all of whom had little, if
any exposure to Hebrew. All eight were reading bits and
pieces after four weeks.  
After ten weeks we had fluent,
confident readers who now are in touch with the
Shabbat evening service.

Thank you ... I wish you a very warm Chag Samayach

Jeff Freedman              University Place, WA
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Hello Ephraim.
As part of returning to my Jewish roots, I searched high and
low for an item just like this.
Thank you so much for the help this will provide so many
with a desire to learn!
B'Shalom, William
Sara S <> wrote:
Thank you so much for the wonderful  transliterated/translated
Chanuka blessings sheets. We distributed them at our JEP
Teen Chanuka Party, as well as at another one of our events.
The sheets are printed clearly and are a pleasure to read and
you for enabling many JEP families to light the menorah
properly and with ease this Chanuka. Tizku L'mitzvot!
Thank you,
Sara S.
Denny Williams <> wrote:
I purchased your Hebrew Prayers Learning Series as a tool for
learning Hebrew. I just received it today and am
very satisfied
with what I see.
Also, you are to be commended for your fast
turn-around on shipping.
Gordon Williams
Renah Bell <> wrote:
Dear Efraim,
I congratulate you on a very important and well done body of
I hope this connection will help to publicize it because I
know there are people in the Jewish community who have a
real need for it
. . . .

BRAVO to you on your innovative and concerned work.
Renah Bell> wrote:
Dear Mr. Linker,
. . . Kol HaKavod on your project of transliteration of the siddur.
You are in the line of tradition from the days of the Magill
Interlinear siddur and the numerous newer issues and projects
including Artscroll and others.

Good luck in your endeavor and I am certain that
it will bring
much satisfaction and assistance to many Jews in the
synagogue today
Nachum (Rabbi Norman Lipson)
Grethel J. Rickman <AKA14xx@lxxxxxx.xxxx> wrote:
Shalom, Ephraim!
I feel your transliterations are the best ones that I have
This has greatly helped me since I am working on
becoming a Jew. I have two friends--both Jews--who want
copies too.
Grethel J. Rickma
--- J Mezrahi <jmezrahi@xxxx> wrote:
... I have to tell you again I really love your books, they are
amazing! I
would not be reading prayers today without
. I have been using them for 2 years and going....!
I show it to everyone I see..Thanks again, J Mezrahi
--- Judy A <> wrote:
... I've already sent my learning friend to your site, and I'll
definitely send others. I already know that I really like your
work from the
free blessing sheets that you so generously
put on the site.
Thanks! Judy A
Dear Mr. Linker,
I must tell you that the books I ordered from you for my
friends and me have truly been a blessing. Our little group
meets weekly, and with the transliterations and translations,
our Hebrew reading has improved by leaps and bounds.  We
have gained much confidence in our reading because we can
see if we are pronouncing the words correctly. It's almost as
though you designed those books just for us.  Not a meeting
goes by that we do not mention how fortunate we are to have
them.  We have shown the books to several people including
our rabbi and they have been very impressed.

We are thinking about writing a short story (to sell) about
our group, its development, our growth, and our good fortune
in finding your prayer books.  Would it be all right if we
mention you and your company, specifically?  Each of us
has writing experience and we have been published
(coincidentally, we are all retired schoolteachers).

Kindest regards,
Laura K
Jackson, NJ
Sarah S  wrote:
Thank you VERY MUCH for publishing these. Think of all
the extra davening in the world due to your efforts!
Kol Tuv, Sarah S.

Just today I was delivered your HPLS six volume set.

After years of having a wonderful life in our Modern
Orthodox community, but not really knowing what I was
doing in shul, I have decided to teach myself how to daven

I believe your publication is the perfect was to do that.
Thanks for the effort I know this took.

Michael Sosebee
Dear Ephraim,
Wonderful website design.

The Talmud torah and adult education community is missing
out ... The Jewish educational establishment still thinks that
people will learn to daven in Hebrew from developing the
basic skills. Most people lose patience or do not do what it
takes to really break through, and that includes a lot of
converts and basic teshuvah types.

It takes repetition, ... not just sounding out words at a turtle's
pace. Most people do not get that repetition in, or get
discouraged. Most kids only go to Talmud Torah on Sundays
now, and just for a few hours.

I used to go for 12 hours a week and none of us learned much
and did not develop reasonable reading skills. The old way is
not working and has not been working for the post Cheder
Your method is imperative and long overdue.

With the sorry state of Jewish literacy these books should be
ordered around the world.

Shavouah tov,
W Adelstein

Hi Mr. Linker:

I received your Siddurim and they are great! Just last week I
was talking to my Rabbi and editions that would have all 3—
English, Hebrew, and transliteration all together. Artscroll
doesn’t have that, then I found your site!

Best, Lenny

Dear F. Ephraim Linker
This is the only one I use for Saturday and Weekdays.
I love the large print that I can read without magnifier glasses.
The regular Jewish Bibles the print is always too small.
It is nice to have the large print plus the English next to the
Hebrew words.
I have been using these Hebrew Bibles for many years.
When I saw the lovely holiday discount, I took the opportunity
to complete my collection.
I forwarded the email siddurim offer to all the Jewish People
on my email list.
If I was in New York I would personally come by and give
you a big hug!
My very best wishes for the Holidays and a Blessed New
Sincerely, Steven B.
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