YouTube video by the HPLS Editor Rabbi Shmuel Rabin on the High-Holiday Prayers, Part 1
YouTube video by the HPLS Editor Rabbi Shmuel Rabin on the High-Holiday Prayers, Part 2
F. Ephraim Linker is author of the HPLS and is sharing his work in becoming a baal teshuva so that others can
also pray in Hebrew quickly and accurately.

The HPLS editor, Rabbi Shmuel Rabin, makes sure that everything is correct.
His Rosh Hashanna lectures can be seen at:
Rosh Hashana Sheer Part 1 and Rosh Hashana Sheer Part 2, .

The HPLS transliterations are available to people all over the world.
We consider the HPLS siddur "the best transliterated
siddur available", both for immediate access to the prayer
service, and for learning the meaning of the prayers.

Please see for yourself with our 18 HPLS
blessing sheets, which are free for the taking.

There are three main orders (
nusach) for the prayer service. The HPLS Siddur, six-volume set, contains the
prayers for all three, denoting the major differences between them.

The HPLS Series is a learning tool and an adjunct to the standard synagogue prayer book. The HPLS siddur
includes all essential prayers for the weekdays, Shabbat, and the three major Jewish Festivals.

We also publish
popular publications, and siddurim with page-number references to Siddur Sim Shalom, the
Artscroll Siddur, and the Ben Zion Bokser Prayer Book.

We are presently working on a phonetic-transiterated HPLS siddur with page-number references to Siddur
Tehillat Hashem (Chabad nusach). Please join the
HPLS Yahoo Group to be notified when this siddur becomes

If you like the HPLS siddurim, please forward our url: (http// to anyone
who may be interested.
We try to be a kiruv organization and offer generous discounts to those who can't afford
our siddurim
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Songs by Rabbi Mark Zimmerman for Siddur Sim Shalom and other siddurim..
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