The cover serves as an additional Table of Contents that lets your child select
specific songs and blessings.

Each picture on the cover gives the name and page number as the
corresponding song or blessing (see below).
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"You shall teach them to your children"

Guide a new generation into the joyful spirit of the Hebrew prayer service!

This Hebrew Prayers Learning Series (HPLS) volume contains the songs and
praises most recited and beloved by children during the Shabbat service. This
volume also contains the HPLS Night Prayer, and is the next step to the HPLS  
"A First Book of Hebrew Prayers"

Colorful illustrations accompany every prayer to spark the child's imagination.

This book is a delight, and a must for all who wish to share their Yiddishkeit
with the important young people in their lives.
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Songs and Praises I Teach My Children and the
HPLS Night Prayer
Pray in Hebrew with confidence and comprehension immediately.
Read Hebrew words and passages with ease.
Exclusive HPLS guides for correct pronunciation.
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