HPLS Standard Edition
Evening Service for the Sabbath and Festivals.

This siddur is arranged into three major sections:

KahBahLaht Shabbat.

This Kabbalat Shabbat section contains the prayers that welcome the
incomming Shabbat. These prayers include
L'choo N'rahN'nah (Psalm
SheeRoo LahShehm (Psalm 96), Psalm 97, Psalm 98, Psalm 99,
Psalm 29,
AhNah B'chohAhch, L'chah DohDee, Psalm 92, Psalm 93,
Mishnah Shabbat Ch. 2 (for Nusach Ashkenaz), Zohar T'rooMah (for
Nusach Sefard).

Evening Service for the Sabbath and Festivals.

This section contains the main prayers for the service and is composed
of the following major parts:
BahR'choo (said by the Sh'leeAhch
r, which means public messinger), the Shema (Sh'mah Yisrael)
and associated blessings, the Evening Prayer
(Amidah) for the Sabbath
and Festivals and associated concluding prayers, counting of the
(said between Passover and Shavuot), Hallel (said by some on the first
two nights of Passover), Psalm 27 (said by
Nusach Ashkenaz from Elul
to 7th day of Succoth),
Ah'dohn OhLahm (for Nusach Ashkenaz),
YeegDahl., Aleinu (Ah'layNoo) and Mourners' Kaddish, and AhlTeeRah
(concluding verses for the service).

Prayers Said at Home.

These prayers are said after retuning home from the synagogue:
parental blessing,
ShahLohm Ah'layChehm and associated meditation,
AySheht ChahYeel, Kiddush for the Sabbath and Major Festivals
Havdallah for the conclusion of the Sabbath on the second
night of a major festival),
N'teeLaht YahDahYeem (washing of the
hands) blessing, and
HahMohTzee (blessing over bread).

This volume concludes with AhLayNoo and the Mourners' Kaddish.

To guide the reader to the key passages and thereby make
participation in the synagogue service easy, this volume, like all the
others, is also written in a hybrid style. About 80 percent of the
passages are word-for-word interlinear text, and the remaining
passages (selected passages that are usually said silently, except for
the Amidah, which is always fully transliterated) are in two-column
format, with only the first and last section of each prayer transliterated.
Lighting the Candles for the Sabbath and Major Festival
ShehHehCheh'yahNoo- Shehechiyanu (Blessing for reaching this season)
KahBahLaht ShahBat - Kaballat Shabbat (Welcoming the Sabbath)
L'choo N'rahN'nah - L'chu Neranena - Psalm 95 - Sing to the Lord
SheeRoo LahDohNai - Shiru L'Adonai - Psalm 96
Psalm 97
Psalm 98
Psalm 99
Psalm 29
AhNah B'cohohAhch - Ana Bekoach (B'ko'ach) Kabbalistic Prayer
L'chah DohDee - Lecha Dodi - Come my beloved
Psalm 92
Psalm 93
Mishnah Shabbat - Chapter 2- Bameh Madlikin (Friday-Night Prayer)
Zohar T'rooMah -Terumah -Gate of Unity (for Nusach Sefard)
Evening Service for the Sabbath and Festivals
BahR'choo - Bahr-choo (Said by the Sh'leeAhch TzeeBoor - see intro p.10
HahMahAh'reev Ah'rahVeem - 1st Blessing before Shemah
AhHah'vaht OhLahm - 2nd Blessing before Shemah
Shema Yisrael - Deuteronomy 6:4; 6:5-9
Shema 2nd Paragraph - Deuteronomy 11: 13-21
Shema 3rd Paragraph - Deuteronomy 15: 37-41
Blessings after the Shema
Evening Amidah for the Sabbath (Shabbat)
Concluding Blessings for the Sabbath
Counting of the Omer (Said between Passover and Shavuous)
Evening Amidah for the Three Major Festivals
Hallel  (Praises of God) Said on the first two nights of Passover
Psalm 27 (Said by Nusach Ashkenaz from Elul to 7th day of Sukkot)
Ah'dohn OhLahm - Adon Olam
Prayers Said at Home
Parental Blessing
Shalom Ah'layChehm - Aleichem (Hebrew Song)
Meditation - Master of all Worlds
AySheht ChahYeel - Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor)
Kiddush for the Sabbath
Kiddush for Major Festivals
Blessing for Bread
Concluding Prayers
Mourner's Kaddish
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The HPLS Phonetic-Transliterated Evening service for the Sabbath and
Festivals prayer book (
siddur) is Volume 4 of the HPLS Six-Volume set.

This siddur contains the traditional prayers for the Evening Service for Sabbath
and Festivals.

The order of the prayer service is referred to as
nusach. The HPLS Siddur is
edited to include the
nusach used by all traditional orthodox and conservative

The HPLS siddur is available in two versions. A Standard Edition and a
Hand-Book Edition. The Standard Edition is the original version and is slightly
less expensive. It measures 8 1/2" high x 11" wide and contains 94 pages. The
Hand-Book Edition is 5 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" high and contains 183 pages.

Some people may prefer the Standard Edition as more parts of the service are
visible on each page. Otherwise, both editions of Volume 1 have identical
content. Click here for a
sample page from the Standard Edition.

The detailed content of Volume 4 is described below.
Sample from HPLS Siddur Volume 4
Details of the HPLS Phonetic-Transliterated Siddur, Volume 4
Summary of Table of Contents for the HPLS Siddur, Volume 4
Volume 4 - Standard Edition
Volume 4 - Hand-Book Edition
HPLS Siddur
Volume 4 - Evening Service for the
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