Corresponding page number in
Sim Shalom I Siddur (1985 edition)
Corresponding page
number in Sim Shalom II
Siddur (1998 edition)
The example below shows how page numbers are referenced
to the Sim Shalom Siddur when the corresponding text does
not start at the beginning of the page.
This HPLS Phonetic Transliterated Siddur is
part of the HPLS Library of reading tools that
provide an open doorway to the joy of the
Hebrew Prayer Service.

The unique triple-tiered HPLS format invites
everyone to experience the Hebrew Prayer
Service with full participation, comprehension
and confidence, no matter what their
experience or background.

Learn the Hebrew Prayer Service with the
HPLS Phonetic Transliterated Sim Shalom

This companion book has page-number
references to both the 1985 and 1998 Sim
Shalom editions.

It is similar to
Volume 5 of the HPLS
Six-Volume set but specifically designed and
intended for users of Siddur Sim Shalom. That
is, it does not contain the
Nusach Sefard and
Nusach HaAri (Chabad) prayers.

Some traditional passages that are not in
Siddur Sim Shalom have been included in the
HPLS Phonetic Transliterated Sim Shalom
Siddur, thus making the siddur compatible
with other siddurim.

The HPLS Phonetic Transliterated Sim
Shalom Siddur measures 8 3/8" W x 11" H.
and is bound on the 11" edge.
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Sample text showing prayer for Matriarchs
Volume 5 - Morning Service for the
Sabbath and Festivals
with page-number references to
Siddur Sim Shalom
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Sim Shalom Companion Siddurim, Prayers for Shabbat and Festivals
Phonetic-Transliterated Prayer Books (Siddurim)
Hebrew Prayers Learning Series (HPLS)
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NEW Chabad Siddur
NEW Chabad
Blessing Sheet
This Conservative siddur allows congregants who
use the Sim Shalom Siddur to follow and/or lead
the Morning Service for the Sabbath and Festivals.
This HPLS siddur has page-number references to
the 1995 and 1998 Rabbinical Assembly Sim
Shalom siddurim.
The text is presented in the exclusive HPLS
Three-Tier Format. An example of the hybrid format
is shown in this link to the
HPLS Siddur, Standard
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