If you can read English you can pray in Hebrew
using the HPLS three-tier transliterations
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Specialty prayer books that focus on learning Hebrew prayers and blessings
Welcome to the
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Phonetically Transliterated Prayer Books (Siddurim)
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Exclusive HPLS guides for correct pronunciation.
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Three-Tier Format
To ensure accuracy of the transliterations and translations of the HPLS
prayerbooks, Rabbi Shmuel Rabin, who is a scholar in Hebrew grammar and
the Hebrew prayer service, has carefully edited all HPLS publications.
In addition to learning to read Hebrew, HPLS publications are a useful
tool for anyone who wants to be assured of correct pronunciation.
The Amidah, and other prayers that we classify as important and should be
read in Hebrew, are in full Three-Tier Format, as shown in this example.
To make the prayer service easier to follow, some passages are in
two-column Hebrew-English format, as shown below for Psalm 90.
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This example is the opening prayer in the HPLS
Companion siddur for Chabad.
The above are pages 2-26 and 2-27 of the Standard Edition.
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HPLS prayer books use a Hybrid Three-Tier Format.
YeerAy (you will fear) is from Psalm 115, said
during the Hallel Prayer
ShehT'chahDehsh (that You will renew) from
Sabbath blessing for the new moon.
BeekDooShahToh (in His holiness) said when
opening the ark.
Listed below are a few Hebrew words that are often mispronounced.
In each example, the top transliteration is the correct pronunciation.
SahM'chehNoo (Gladden us) Opening word of
third paragraph said after reading the Haftorah.
MeeM'kohMoh (from His place) Opening word of
Musaf Kedusha after BahRooch K'vohd ....
OozChahrTehm (and you will remember) from the
third paragraph of the Sh'mah (Numbers 15:37-41)
OohCh'tahvTahm (and you will inscribe them) from
first paragraph of the Sh'mah (Numbers 6:5-9)
Common Errors in Pronunciation
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