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The Opening Prayer for Children in HPLS Three-Tier Format
The Abridged Edition of the HPLS HaAri Weekday-Morning Siddur has a white
cover a green spline, contains more than 160 pages, and is flexbound.
The un-abridged siddur has many passages that, for one who is new to davening or not
proficient in Hebrew, may require too much time to complete. As a result, one may get
discouraged from even attempting to pray.

F. Ephraim Linker has produced the Abridged Edition to provide a solution to this
problem. It is also meant as a learning tool to help get a foothold in the Hebrew Service.

The Abridged Edition contains Key and Central Passages of the service, and is in
Three-Tier Hybrid Format, which makes the service easier to complete and easier for
the beginner, and also for those with limited time.

The Key and central passages that are included in the Abridged Edition have been
retained unabridged.
Although the Abridged Edition of the Ha-Ari Weekday Morning Service is sold
separately, its intended use is an adjunct to the unabridged edition (HPLS HaAri
Volume 2 Siddur for the  Weekday Morning Service). A table of contents for the
unabridged edition is presented on the
HPLS HaAri Volumes 2 and 5 Web Page.
HPLS HaAri Weekday Morning Service - Abridged Edition
The Table of Contents of the Abridge Edition (see below) also provides a
cross-reference to the corresponding passage in the Chabad's Siddur Tehillat Hashem
(with English Translation, Annotated Edition) siddur.
To maintain continuity between passages of the regular and abridged editions, the
names, and in some cases the first couple of words of a skipped passage, are listed
after the words: “
Skipped Passages:”  When necessary, the page number of the
skipped passage is also given.
Table of Contents of HPLS HaAri Weekday Morning Service - Abridged Edition (Two Pages)
One of the Key passages in the HPLS HaAri Weekday Morning Service Siddur - Abridged Edition
Example of a Reference to Skipped Passages
the Hebrew Prayers Learning Series, since 1999, by  F. Ephraim Linker,
Phonetically Transliterated prayer books in word for word format, pray in
Hebrew with, Art Scroll, Chabad Tehillat Heshem, companion prayer
books, in Nusach Ashkenaz, Nusach Sefard, Nusach HaAri (Chabad),
Phonetic Hebrew of Sabbath prayers, prayers for Jewish Holidays, Torah
Service, Hallel
HPLS Companion Siddur (Abridged Edition) with
page-number references to the
Tehillat Hashem (Chabad) Siddur
This edition is published as a beta
version and the final edition is
scheduled to be available in early
Quickly read Hebrew Prayers with HPLS
HPLS  Chabad Siddur - Abridged
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One or more of the Hebrew Prayers Learning Series (HPLS) prayer books and blessing sheets
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In the late 1990's Mr. F. Ephraim Linker and his wife Yehudit, z"l, developed a Three-Tier Hybrid Format
that enables anyone to read Hebrew prayers.The phonetic transliterations of this format ensure that you
correctly pronounce the Hebrew, without having to first know how the words should sound.
The Hebrew Prayers Learning Series produces prayer books for the weekday, Sabbbath, and Festival
prayer services.
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