The Hebrew Prayers Learning Series was created by F. Ephraim Linker in the
1990's, about 20 years after he become a baal teshuva. His labor of love has
provided the Jewish Community with Phonetically-Transliterated Hebrew prayers,
blessing, and songs that can be read quickly and correctly, and most important,

The article in the
NJ Jewish News tells the whole HPLS story.

All HPLS  publications have been carefully edited by Rabbi Shmuel Rabin, who
made sure that everything is correct, true, and trustworthy.

You can see Rabbi Rabin at his Rosh Hashanah lectures by clicking these links:
Rosh Hashanah Sheer Part 1 and
Rosh Hashanah Sheer Part 2

The HPLS transliterations are available to people all over the world.
The Phonetic Transliterations tell how a word should sound.
The HPLS siddurim thus provide immediate access to the prayer service, in
addition to the meaning of the prayers.

There are several different HPLS prayer books for various Jewish prayer services.

In the Standard Edition of our Six-Volume Siddur, the three most popular orders
of the prayer services (nusach), which are Nusach Ashkenaz, Nusach Sefart,
and Nusach HaAri (Chabad), are all covered.

Major differences between nusach is noted in each case. The six volumes
cover prayers for weekdays, Shabbat, and the three Major Jewish Festivals.

The six-volume set is also available in a half-size version for ease of handling. All
text is the same. (However the Standard Edition has two overall flow-charts of the
service, and were too large to fit into the Hand-Book edition.) The Hand-Book
edition, however, has sufficient flow-charts and instructions within the book to lead
the reader to the next prayer.

We also offer a line of Companion Siddurim for the Sim Shalom, Art Scroll, Ben
Zion Bokser, and the Chabad prayer services. These are dedicated books and
have page-number references to the corresponding synagogue prayer book..

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