Afternoon Service (Mincha)

This section starts with Psalm 145, which is referred to as
Ashrei (AhshRay). The service then
continues with the Silent Prayer for weekdays. The silent prayer is also referred to as the
Sh'mohNeh EhsReh, which means 18, representing the original 18 benedictions of the prayer. It
is also referred to as the
Amidah (Ah'meeDah), which means standing because the prayer is said

For those who pray the
Chasidic (Nusach Sefard) prayers, special temple prayers (KohrBahNoht)
are included at the beginning of the Afternoon Service.

Basic instructions regarding customs of proper prayer are included throughout the HPLS siddur.
The HPLS siddur contains the complete transliteration of the silent prayer. Transliterated
passages are also included for Chanukah, Purim,
Rosh Chodesh (the day of the new moon), and
for the intermediate days
(Chol HahMohEhd) of the Pilgrimage Holidays of Passover and Succoth.

With a quorum of 10 present, the silent prayer is repeated by the
chazen, who is also referred to
as the
Sh'leeAhch TzeeBoor (public messenger). The Sh'leeAhchTzeeBoor adds the
KahDooShah prayer, which is said aloud by him and the congregants. After the silent prayer, a
Tachanun (supplication) prayer is said, except on festive days. The afternoon service concludes
with the closing prayer
Aleinu (AhLayNoo), and the Mourners' Kaddish.

The Evening Service

This section contains the complete evening service for weekdays.  It starts with the optional
Preliminary Verses
Sheer HahMahAh'loht.

The evening prayer formally starts with
V'hoo RahChoom (see illustration on top of this page)
and the
BahR'choo, which is the public bowing to God. The Shema Yisrael prayer is introduced
by two blessings:
HahMahAh'reev Ah'rahVeem and AhHah'vaht OhLahm. The HPLS siddur
contains the complete transliterations for both these prayers. The
Shema Yisrael (Sh'mah
) and the three paragraphs associated with it are then said, followed by two closing
Eh'meht (for redemption) and HahshKeeVehNoo (for protection).

The service then continues with the silent prayer, which is the same prayer said for the afternoon
service, excluding the
KahDooShah prayer, which is not said at night.

The siddur also contains additional prayers, including:
Prayers for the conclusion of the Sabbath,
Counting of the Omer (said between Passover and Shavuot),
Psalm 27 (said from Elul to 7th day of Succoth),
Psalm 49 (said during the
Shivah period, which is the first 7 days in a house of mourning),
- separation prayer for the conclusion of the Sabbath.

The evening service concludes with
Aleinu and the Mourners' Kaddish.
Sample from HPLS Siddur Volume 1
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Afternoon Service for Weekdays- Mincha
Nusach Sefard starts here:
KohrBahNoht - Chassidic introduction to Afternoon Service
(Nusach HaAri - Chabad - starts at Numbers 28:1)
Copper Laver - Ritual Purity Mitzvah
Daily Temple Offering - KohrBahn TahMeed - Numbers 28:1-8
K'tohReht - The incense - Exodus 30:34-36 and related passages
Nusach Ashkenaz starts here:
AhshRay - Ashre - Psalm 145
Half KahDeesh (Chetzi Kadesh - Kaddish)
Weekday Afternoon Prayer - Ah'meeDah -Amidah - Shemona Esrei
TahChah'noon - Tahanun - Supplication (Omitted on festive days)
Reader's KahDeesh (Kadesh Shalem)
AhLayNoo - Aleinu - It is our duty - Concluding prayer
Mourner's KahDeesh - Mourner's Kaddish
Evening Service for Weekdays - MahAh'reev - Maariv
Sheer HahMahAl'loht - Preliminary verses to Evening Prayer
V'hoo RahChoom (The evening prayer formally starts here)
BahR'choo - Bahr-choo (said by the Sh'leeAhch TzeeBoor
HahMarAh-reev Ah'rahVeem - 1st blessing before the Shema
AhHahVaht OhLahm - 2nd blessing before the Shema
Shema Yisrael - Deuteronomy 6:4,11:13-21,  Numbers 15:37-41
Eh'met - Emet - 1st blessing after Shema - Redemption
HahshKeeVehNoo - Hashkiveinu - 2nd blessing after Shema - Protection
BahRooch Adonai L'ohLahm - Additional weekday evening blessing
Half KahDeesh (Chetzi Kaddish)
Weekday Evening Prayer - Amidah
Reader's KahDeesh - Kadesh Shalem (Some say only half kadesh)
Prayers for the Conclusion of the Sabbath
(These prayers are omitted if a festival occurs during the same week.)
VeeHee NohAhm - Psalm 91
V'ahTah KahDohsh - Vatah Kadosh - and You are Holy
Counting of the OhMehr - Omer - (Said between Passover and Shavuous)
Psalm 27 (Said from Elul to 7th day of Sukkot)
Psalm 49 (Said during the Shivah period (first 7 days of mourning)
HahMahKohm Y'nahChehm
HavDahLah - Havdallah - Separation prayer for the conclusion of the
Sabbath (Said after AhLayNoo and  Mourner's Kaddish, or at home)
AhLayNoo - Aleinu - Closing Prayer
Mourner's Kaddish (Say only the appropriate verses)
Ahl TeeRah - Concluding verses for each service
Psalm 24  
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