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Click on the chart below for a printable version of the Hebrew letters and vowels.
A complete HPLS phonetic pronunciation guide (click here) is supplied in
each volume of the HPLS siddur. (The pronunciation is Israeli.)
Our editor, Rabbi Shmuel Rabin, has extensively gone through all HPLS publications
to assure the highest accuracy of all transliterations
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Phonetically Transliterated prayers, Art Scroll, Chabad Tehillat Heshem, Siddur Sim Shalom, Nusach
Ashkenaz, Nusach Sefard, Nusach HaAri (Chabad), Judaic Artwork
YeerAy (you will fear) is from Psalm 115, said during
the Hallel Prayer
ShehT'chahDehsh (that You will renew) is from the
Sabbath blessing for the new moon.
BeekDooShahToh (in His holiness) said when
opening the ark.
(In each example, the top transliteration is how  HPLS siddurim present the
pronounciation of the word .)
SahM'chehNoo (Gladden us) Opening word of the
third paragraph said after reading the Haftorah.
MeeM'kohMoh (from His place) Opening word of
Musaf Kedusha after BahRooch K'vohd ....
OozChahrTehm (and you will remember) is from the
third paragraph of the Sh'mah (Numbers 15:37-41)
OohCh'tahvTahm (and you will inscribe them) is
from the first paragraph of the Sh'mah (Numbers 6:5-9)
According to HPLS pronunciation standards, many words are
sometimes recited incorrectly in shul. Here are a few:
G-d's name is purposely misspelled on the HPLS Travelers' Prayer sheet and on
the pocket-size
Ah'sher YahTzahr pocket-size blessing card.
This was intentionally done because they might be taken into unclean places.

When reading from the Travelers's Prayer sheet or the pocked-size blessing card,
the proper pronunciation of G-d's name is given below, in the column on the right.
This is how G-d's name
is misspelled:
This is how G-d's name
should be pronounced:
Correct Spelling of God's name
Pronunciation Guide
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